TVersity PS3 Media Server Review

If you’ve got a PS3 already then your gonna be looking for a media server that will work well with your console. What you’ll want in a media server is an easy interface, compatibility, and playability of different formats. There are a lot of media servers that you can choose for your PS3. But once you’ve tried TVersity as a media server for the PS3 you may just stop looking at the other media servers out there.

TVersity’s features:

  • Massive device support is one of the main offerings of Tversity. It doesn’t just work wonderful with the PS3, but it also works amazingly well with, according to the Tversity site,

“Networked TVs, DVDs, Stereo Receivers, Digital Media Adapters/Receivers, Mobile Phones, Satellite and Cable set-top-boxes and more. Devices with a web browser (XHTML-MP or WAP 2.0) and media streaming or downloading capabilities like iPhone, Blackberry, the Sony PSP, Nokia N series, and other smart phones. Devices with Adobe Flash, this includes the Nintendo Wii. Devices with an RSS reader and media streaming or downloading capabilities like the Sony PSP, iTunes/iPod and more.”

  • Like a proper media server it lets you play your audio, video, and picture files from your computer/laptop straight to your PS3. It supports a lot of formats so you don’t have too lot of incompatibility issues.
  • You can get Tveristy absolutely free. There is a Pro version of Tversity that gives you access to a lot more Internet channels and tanscoding to H.264. You can choose between a single PC license for $39.99 or a household license for multiple computers priced at $69.99. If you plan to use Tversity to stream your content commercially you can get their commercial license for $1,595.00.
  • So far Tversity is only for Windows computers. Which is quite sad, because the Mac OS has been growing more and more popular with a lot of people. But for Windows users, it will run on Windows 7, 2003, 2000, Vista, and XP.

Tveristy is currently one of the best media servers out there. The best part about Tversity and why it’s a good media server for your PS3 is that its free. Its functionality suits the PS3 very well. It is able to organize your files in a coherent manner when viewing it on your computer or PS3. But if you want to get the most out of Tversity then you might want to go for the Pro version. In any case, follow the link at the end of the article to go to Tversity if you’re interested in getting it.

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Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player Review

The Western Digital WD TV Live Network-ready HD Media Player is a media player that allows you to view your media files.  Not only does it play your media files on your PC but your other sources as well.  This little machine can handle reading files directly from your digital camera, camcorder and hard drives.  Normally, the Western Digital WD TV Live Network-ready HD Media Player costs $129.99 but on Amazon, it costs $119.99 you save about $10 dollars, which is 8% off the original cost.  Out of 351 customer reviews, 218 people gave the Western Digital WD TV Live Network-ready HD Media Player  4 and 5 stars while only 89 people gave it either a 1 or 2 star review.  This little machine like most others out on the market today is full HD capable.  It can play your video, music and photo files.  This article will talk about the Western Digital WD TV Live Network-ready HD Media Player, the pros and cons, what people are saying about it and the final conclusion of this product.

Pros of the Western Digital WD TV Live Network-ready HD Media Player:

  1. Your files can be played directly from a camcorder, digital camera, or hard drive.
  2. Full HD 1080p so it has great video quality.
  3. Really nice playback features.
  4. It’s network capable: you have easy access to newest content from computers, network devices and internet favorites like Youtube.
  5. Made for My Passport portable hard drives.
  6. No limit to storage space, just keep adding more USB devices.
  7. You can easily transfer files, show photos and movies directly to your television.
  8. Allows for unified access to multiple devices, so you only have to look at one menu.
  9. Access to online content from Youtube, Pandora, and Live365.
  10. optical audio output in addition to the HDMI

Cons of the Western Digital WD TV Live Network-ready HD Media Player

  1. MKV fast forwarding and rewinding isn’t supported, you’ll get an error code.
  2. Some owners have had issues concerning:
    • Thumbnails
    • Network problems
    • Updating firmware issues can cause bugs on the Western Digital WD TV Live Network-ready HD Media Player
    • Price (too pricey)


Different owners have had their issues with the Western Digital WD TV Live Network-ready HD Media Player, but a lot more have been very happy with this device.  It plays a lot of different media files and from different electronic devices.  You can stream live videos as well as radio feeds if you want too.  However, there is a newer version of this product on Amazon and if you are interested in that, please check out the review of the Western Digital WD TV Live Plus 1080p HD Media Player on this very website.  But if you want to check out the product that was just reviewed, please click on the link below.  You can learn more about the Western Digital WD TV Live Network-ready HD Media Player as well as order it if you chose to buy it.

Sling Media Slingbox PRO SB300

For TVholic’s out there who are looking for a media streamer that addresses their needs, the Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 is here for you. When you look for a media player you want to figure out what you want it to do. There are a lot of media players that have defining features. The Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 is definitely one for the TV watchers out there. But aside from this feature, it has other things going for it. So we’ll go through the things that you can expect from this media player.

  1. The Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 works for Mac and Windows computers. It’s nice to see more and more media players supporting the 2 most popular OS.
  2. Apart from giving you the ability to stream audio, video, and picture files between your TV and computer, the Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 allows you to stream to your smart phone. Here’s a list from Sling Media of the Phones it supports.

“Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm OS-based mobile devices.”

  1. In order for you video quality to stay true to HD when your streaming from your computer to your TV, you need at least a 1.5 Mbps upload speed. So if you don’t have this speed for your Internet then your HD videos may not look as pretty.
  2. There are several inputs for your convenience. The shape of the Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 comes into play here. It’s shape allows you to stow it away in a little nook under your TV or a shelf, just make sure that the infrared signal has a good reception area. You can connect up to 3 devices at once and the wires all hook-up to the back so they can stay hidden and out of the way.
  3. The price for the Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 is $299.99. But you can get it 10% cheaper from Amazon. It’s priced at $269.99 with free shipping. The price is a bit steep but you do get what you pay for.
  4. Its unfortunate the Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 doesn’t have wireless capabilities. So your gonna have to use your wires. But if you think about it, we’ve lived wires for a long time now, so having wires shouldn’t be too difficult.

The biggest complaint that’s going around isn’t really about the device but it’s the customer support that goes with the product. When you buy the Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 you get a 90-day warranty. After the warranty you have to pay $29.99 for each issue with the device that you want the company to fix. You can also choose to pay $49.99 for 2 years of support for the Slingbox. But you can only avail of the 2 year extended warranty for your media player if it’s less than a year old.

The Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 is able to stream your TV shows in HD quality. If this is what you are looking for in a media player then you definitely want to give the Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 a closer look. Go to Amazon through the link below to take a closer look.

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Zyxel DMA-2500 Media Streamer

If you’ve been wondering how so many people are able to play their picture, audio, and video files form their computer to their TV then you’ve been wanting to know what gadget are they using. That gadget is called a media player. It’s the new doohickey to get for your home entertainment system. Before you buy your media player, you’ll want to do some research first. That’s why were here. We’ll take a look at the Zyxel DMA-2500. This is one of many media players on the market so we’ll go over the specifications of this device. Hopefully this helps you decide whether you’ll want to get it or not.

  1. If you want HD video quality you’ll get it from the Zyxel DMA-2500. It can stream up to 1080p. Perfect for movie nights.
  2. For connectivity with your computer and other wireless devices the Zyxel DMA-2500 is DLNA 1.5 certified. It can wirelessly pickup your devices around the house and linkup to them so you can easily stream your files.
  3. It can play a wide variety of formats for audio, picture, and video files. This is very good considering there are so many different formats out there.
  4. You get direct access to a variety of Internet radio sites and Web TV channels. Most media players have this as a staple feature. So you’re not losing out on anything.
  5. If you want a wireless streaming option you’ll have to get a USB dongle that’ll let you connect to devices through WiFi.
  6. In terms of price the Zyxel DMA-2500 is a little higher up compared to some of the other media players out there. It’s not the most expensive though. So you might want to think twice about it if you’re on a budget. Amazon prices this device at $193.12.

All in all the Zyxel DMA-2500 doesn’t give you anything new when it comes to media player. But it will certainly do the job that you’re getting it for. You’ve got your HD capability, multiple format reading, and wireless functionality. This is what the media player is all about and the Zyxel DMA-2500 is able to do all these. You can go to Amazon to check it via the link below.

Seagate FreeAgent Theater Media Player STCEA201-RK

The newest gadget that households are getting into is the media player. This little gizmo lets you play your videos, pictures, and music from your computer into your TV. So now your left with the question, which one do you buy for your house? Well to help answer that question, let’s take a look at the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+1080P HD Media Player STCEA201-RK. Most of them have these long names so get used to it. Let’s go over the specifications of the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+1080P HD Media Player STCEA201-RK and see what it’ll do for us.

  1. Price is important. You don’t want to get a media player that’s too expensive. You also don’t want to get one that’s too cheap. If it’s too cheap you might end up having to buy every little piece as an extra. The Seagate FreeAgent Theater+1080P HD Media Player STCEA201-RK has a standard retail price of $149.99. Amazon sells it for %10 less, at $134.99 with shipping. It’s a good price for a media player.
  2. This media player works with Windows and Mac so unless your running Ubuntu or another OS then you should be fine.
  3. It has a dock on it surface that’s let you connect a Seagate FreeAgent Go 500Gb external hard disk. You can use any other hard disk that you want. It’s just that this Seagate hard disk fits perfectly into the dock. You do have to buy this one separate. Amazon has it at $93.08
  4. You also have to buy your own HDMI cable if you want to stream files in HD. But most media players don’t include any HDMI cable so this is pretty standard.
  5. When you play DVDs all the control features are available. For example all the Bonus Content in a DVD is also available for you to use.

When it comes to issues with the device, some users have complained about it corrupting the file system of some USB’s that were connected to it. But this appears to be isolated incidents. If you like what you read about the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+1080P HD Media Player STCEA201-RK you can buy it directly from Amazon by clicking on the link below. The Seagate FreeAgent Theater+1080P HD Media Player STCEA201-RK is a media player that can play almost any video, picture, and audio format. For your home entertainment needs you should consider this one.

Xbox 360 Media Streaming

What’s better than having an Xbox 360 to play video games? The answer is an Xbox 360 that plays your video games, movies, music, and shows your pictures. This medley of functionality is now possible thanks to the availability of media servers for the Xbox 360. If you’re not sure which media server out there you’d like to use for your Xbox 360, go down the list on this article and hopefully you’ll be able to pick one out at the end.

  1. Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP

Anyone who’s used a Windows computer has come across Windows Media Player. So far Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP looks to be the best version in the long series of Windows Media Players. The interface is the best it has been so far. You get a lot of color, artwork, and personalization options. The way your files are arranged and displayed make it very easy to navigate and find the file you want. There is also a new instant search tool that will help you quickly find the file that you want. It’s also easier to make, burn, and sync play lists with the new interface. If you take a look at user ratings around the net this media streamer doesn’t score very high though. So it’s something you should take into consideration.

  1. Zune on Xbox Live

Zune is now available on the Xbox Live for $14.95 a month. You get HD video from Zune but only up to 1080i. For music you have the SmartDJ feature. You can choose an artist and Zune automatically makes a play list of that artist’s songs. Anytime you choose a song, Zune will also give you some info about the artist, useful if you like trivia and knowing about little details about your music. If you have the Xbox Kinect you can also use voice commands to control your video and music streaming. This is a very cool feature of the Zune. The movie rentals are higher compared to Netflix so you’ll probably just use the Zune for music. All music that you get through Zune is accessible for as long as you keep up your subscription.

  1. Tversity for Xbox Live

Tversity is for Windows only computers. But it’s a great program to have if you want to stream files from your PC to your Xbox. It’s also a free program, but you can also opt to get the pro version, which you can find on this link. It’s capable of streaming almost all media formats for video and audio.

  1. Connect 360

The Connect 360 is a media streamer for Macs, so don’t despair Mac user. Once it connects to your Xbox it’ll display your files quite similar to the way it was displayed in Itunes in your computer. You also get Internet radio streaming, Iphoto access, HD video capability, automatic transcoding of different formats, and the option to go wired or wireless. You can get a trial version but ultimately you have to pay $20.00 for the program.

These are just some of the media streamers out there that you can use for to stream your files through your Xbox. This is not a review on the top media servers for the Xbox, but rather an informative article about some of your options for an Xbox media streamer. If we had to recommend one from the list it would have to Tversity. Although it’s only for Windows users, Tversity has so far been the best program to offer quality streaming for the Xbox and your computer.

Xtreamer iXtreamer Medai Streamer

The Xtreamer iXtreamer…it sure sounds extreme!   Yes this is a mouthful to say and yes we wish whoever it is that’s naming media streamers to stop giving us such silly names.  But…this is a pretty cool machine.  Read on to find out more about the Xtreamer iXtreamer, why I think it’s a cool gadget to have as well as the negative issues

I’ve found. And yes you can guess from the “i” attachment that it has to do with the apple family.

If you own an iphone, an ipod touch or an ipad 1 or 2 and do not have a media streamer, this little toy is definitely a “must look at”.  It is a media streamer designed specifically to work with your apple toys.

What makes it so cool:

  1. It’s apple licensed and certified!  So you can directly play movies from your ipod/iphone/ipad to your television screen. Listen and watch movies and pictures directly from your small screen to your big screen television.  It’s perfect for showing off family photos and home videos!
  2. Though it is certified and licensed by Apple, it can also stand alone and work as a media streamer.
  3.  Ongoing firmware so that when Apple upgrades, so does this media streamer.
  4. Can support up to 3 TB hard drives (hard drives not included)
  5. Ethernet connection so you can use high speed internet to stream.
  6. If you buy this gadget from Amazon, it comes with a free iXtreamer ICECUBE Passive Cooler Kit that cools you iXtreamer and makes it totally silent. (worth $39 on Amazon) and the antenna that makes this little machine wireless.
  7. HD capabilities, live streaming, videos on demand….basically what other media streamers have.


  1. It’s not very aesthetically pleasing.  It’s quite bulky.  (it has to be to accommodate almost any apple ipod,ipad and iphone as well as the hard disk capabilities)
  2. Though they advertise it as affordable, it can be pricey for some.
  3. Does not work with the 4G iPod, iPod classic and 5G iPod.

What do I think?

If you’ve got the apple gadgetry but not the media streamer, I suggest you put the Xtremer iXtreamer on your list of possibilities, or even if you already have a media player and are looking for an upgrade.  It does what all other media players do with the added bonus of working seamlessly with your ipod, iphone or ipad.  It’s a cool gadget to have that integrates all media files and apple electronics into one machine.  If you do decide to buy the iXtreamer, I suggest that you buy it from Amazon as you get a 15% discount, get an antenna and icecube passive cooler kit, all for $244 rather than $299.99.  If you want to get this device, click on the link below and it will take you straight to the best price.

Egreat EG-M34A Network Media Tank Review

The Egreat EG-M34A Network Media Tank is simple little box that can play your media files without too much trouble.  It is a little black box that is a network attached storage device.  This allows you to play media files from a variety of devices.  It plays your media files on your PC, a flash drive and your hard drive.  It has your traditional video and audio connections for older television models as well as an HDMI port for the newer models that provides clearer, crisp pictures for getting the most of any HD movie or television show.   See what the Egreat EG-M34A Network Media Tank can do and what people say about this product.

Egreat EG-M34A Network Media Tank

  1. You can watch, store and share your media files via your home network (courtesy of the LAN port at the back of the Egreat EG-M34A Network Media Tank)
  2. Great connection between your digital media and the entertainment system in your home.
  3. The Egreat EG-M34A Network Media Tank supports the standard Upnp AV discovery protocol.  Which is great for accessing different media servers.
  4. HTML interface for the Egreat EG-M34A Network Media Tank user interface.
  5. Option for hard drive.

The negatives for the Egreat EG-M34A Network Media Tank

  1. Does not play all media files, though it plays a lot of the well-used ones.
  2. It’s not wireless, though you can buy/order the additional antenna that does make it wireless.
  3. If you do get the antenna, using wireless isn’t ideal for watching HD shows or movies.
  4. User manual isn’t all that great nor is it that helpful.  It’s better to go to the forums for assistance.


The Egreat EG-M34A Network Media Tank is nice, simple black box that will play most of your media files.  It has an optional antenna so that you can make this wired box into a wireless media player.  On Amazon, 5 reviewers gave the Egreat EG-M34A Network Media Tank and average of 4 and ½ stars.  They enjoyed its simplicity yet ability to play a variety of different media formats.  If you do decide that you want to get the Egreat EG-M34A Network Media Tank click on the link at the bottom of this page and it will bring you directly to Amazon where you can buy this product for $199.95 with free shipping.

Sony SMP-N100 Streaming Player with Wifi

The Sony SMP-N100 is a convenient, unassuming little black box.  But Sony reports that this little box packs quite a punch.  At $78 on Amazon, the price is less than a $100 and has the ability to stream from the internet.  The only other media streamer that I can think of that has similar capabilities is the Roku.  So those of you out there that are Sony fans, this is a great alternative to the Roku media streamer.  Read on and find out the specifics of the Sony SMP-N100 Streaming Player, why you should consider this streamer and what are some of the issues that consumers have found they have a problem with.

What do you get when you buy the Sony SMP-N100…

  1. built in wi-fi
  2. HDMI port
  3. Ethernet port for faster internet connection
  4. Component or composite video outputs so that this little box can even work on older television sets.
  5. Everywhere you look, you see people with some kind of smartphone.  Now, a smartphone can turn into a remote control for the Sony SMP-N100 Streaming Player with a simple downloadable app. (BD remote app)
    • Iphone
    • Select android phones
    • Wi-fi, wireless internet at your fingertips.
    • You get access to Amazon Instant Videos, Netflix, Hulu Plus and more
    • Has very good speed for streaming videos
    • Great video playback 90 Mbps high bit rate

What people say about the Sony SMP-N100 Streaming Player.

  1. Interface isn’t as user friendly as it should be
  2. You are unable to store personal media files like the Boxee Box (no memory storage)
  3. Cover art of videos or tv shows can be too small and too difficult to see from a distance.
  4. Remote control isn’t as simple as others on the market.  Sony remote controllers tend to be too cluttered with buttons that you most often than not, do not use.  The remote control of the Sony SMP-N100 is no different.


On Amazon, the stars are just about evenly spaced from 1 star to 5 stars.  Having said that, reviews across the internet however disagree.  There are a lot of happy customers and have thoroughly enjoyed this product.  The negatives mentioned above aren’t all that serious and let’s face it.  For a $78, the Sony SMP N-100 is an excellent product for the price.  Definitely more than what Amazon is charging for it.  So my suggestion, check the Sony SMP N-100 on Amazon and decide for yourself.

Veebeam HD Wireless PC to TV Media Streamer

In the world of home entertainment the media streamer is fast becoming a staple device. There are more and more choices out there when it comes to media streaming players. While your looking around for the media player for your home and entertainment needs, lets take a look at the features of the Veebeam HD, Wireless PC to TV link | 1080p and see if it’s a media player that we might want.

  1. Let’s consider the price of the Veebeam HD Media Streamer. The standard retail price is $113.15 but you can get it from Amazon at $99.00 with free shipping. When you compare it to the price of other media streamers out there this one if pretty good.
  2. The Veebeam HD | Wireless PC to TV link | 1080p is one of the first media players that allow you to play movies from your computer to your HD TV without an HDMI cable. Some people go back and forth about the quality of the video you get. So this may depend on the eye of the user. You can still use an HDMI cable if you prefer.
  3. Easy setup and installation. It comes with a USB Dongle and the software is downloaded from the Internet. Very quick and hassle free installation. It’s pretty much a plug and play device. Make sure you place the device within 10m and with a direct line of sight to the computer it’s connected to.
  4. The Veebeam HD | Wireless PC to TV link | 1080p works for both Windows and Mac computers so you don’t have to take that into consideration if you want to buy it.
  5. If you use a laptop you can use your keyboard and track pad to control the playback. This comes in very handy when you’re sitting on the couch with your laptop.

If you’re looking for wireless HD movies the Veebeam HD | Wireless PC to TV link | 1080p is the one you want to get. To be honest though, wireless HD streaming hasn’t been mastered yet. So you may notice some quality issues now and again. But it’s one of the first to let you stream HD movies without any wires.

If the features of the Veebeam HD Wireless PC to TV link 1080p are to your liking then you can go straight to Amazon by clicking the link at the bottom. I hope that this review was able to at least help you understand what this device is all about.